Hi Friends,

Dana Falsetti

Thank you for your endless support and patience. Thank you will never be enough. I could not do this without you. I have poured my all into this launch and I genuinely hope you love it. After working in the corporate yoga world for a few years I found myself struggling to navigate profiting off of the very things I see as problematic and want to change. I realized I wanted and needed to do more to fill some of these notable gaps in accessibility. With one foot in the door, I can help ignite change.

My hope is that this content and how it’s offered paves the way to empower instead of disempower. You can name your own price for your monthly subscription. All of the content is fully captioned. The videos range from accessible chair classes and wrist-free practice to inversion prep and arm balances. I’ve included some philosophy videos to spark your own thoughts about your practice and your work in this world.

I will continue adding to this site monthly, offering in-person workshops and retreats, releasing podcast episodes, and continue to give back and serve you all as best as I can. Please check out the pricing video to give you more context to the pay-what-you-can model so you can support me in sustaining this site and in turn, sustain and be a part of the community it will foster.

Lots of love,

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